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to make a 1-minute video prototype that demonstrates clearly, effectively and creatively the functionality of a product—— Sworkit.


Sworkit is the best personal trainer app to help you get (and stay) in the best shape of your life

Main marketing points for Swrokit

  1. the consistency that helps users to create a habit to stay fit
  2. the convenience that makes it simple to work out at home and compatible in multiple devices
  3. the results that show the users results after using the app
fig 1: features described from the company’s website

Designed Scenario

consistency — reminders that remind users to build fitness habits and stay fit

convenience — users could work out at home and in any devices

results — what users change, what users feel and look after using the app

based on those key points, I developed the scenario:

A college student who’s struggling with his or her school work and doesn’t have enough time to go to the gym uses this app to stay in fit. The story happens in a dark night when the student is sad and looks at his failing grades. However, he wants to make himself better to get the girl he likes.He sees the reminders on his watch and decides to work out at home. In the end, he feels refreshed and confident after the exeriserce.

Changes after talking to the actor:

The girlfriend part seems a bit distracting for the purpose of the app which is staying in the best shape of YOU. Nobody needs to change for others. Real motivation should come from the person himself/herself. The app is going to help people to achieve their goals by providing a simpler way to fitness. Therefore, I change the motives of my girlfriend to self-goal of becoming a more fit person.

Video Prototype


  • The actor did a great job of acting that shows the emotion I want to tell
  • The editing is good that fits the music
  • The video is funny which causes a lot of laughter during the playing
  • The concept of the video prototype includes all of the three main features for the product promotion
  • The results part of the feature is not shown enough in the video, only with the scene of the student petting his belly and smiles at the screen.
  • The scene of using the app could be reduced so that it wouldn’t be too literal. The video should focus more on what the app offers, why users want to use the app, rather than how users use the app.




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Ziyue Li

Ziyue Li

Shero for fun

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