With the increasing disinformation and misinformation online, we need to call out media to report news and information more objectively. However, more importantly, we need to raise awareness of our own biases to be critical readers in this information explosion era.


Biases are difficult concepts for younger kids to understand…


to make a 1-minute video prototype that demonstrates clearly, effectively and creatively the functionality of a product—— Sworkit.


Sworkit is the best personal trainer app to help you get (and stay) in the best shape of your life

Main marketing points for Swrokit

  1. the consistency that helps users to create…

Our Goal

Design and create a pencil case in fabric construction.


  • made from flexible fabric or material
  • use a sewing machine to connect and assemble the component parts
  • use fastening mechanism


fig 1: sketches of the first and second iteration of the pencil case

Our goal

applying the OXO brand’s philosophy, universal design, to deliver well-designed, comfortable and easy to use shower control interface for a high end, multi-feature valve and temperature control, with the consideration of the visibility and dexterity challenges.

Design Overview: Setting Goals → research on existing products → sketches → model prototype…

How do your selfies produce or obscure a sense of your identity? What does your selfie reveal about your identity?

The selfie I chose is the one I took in spring break when I traveled with my friends in Oregon. I’m wearing very Asian style glasses, normal sweater from Zara…

The article discusses how to make teaching more inclusive using a design philosophy that rejects the idea of an “average” user. What is that design perspective called and how does it recommend designing environments to be more inclusive

The design perspective is called universal design. It suggests that a design…

Friedmann tells us that “Information Technologies may either support or undermine human values; sometimes they do both at the same time.” Choose an information technology that both supports and undermines human values. Explain how the information technology does both and discuss which values are supported and undermined.

Online platforms: use…

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